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To End Inadequacies;
While Increasing Your Life & Lifestyle too.

Who Are We?

The Garden of Eden Project was established in the wake of COVID-19 to introduce EQUITISM “Equal Base Pay For All Work on our Life and Lifestyle increasing Self-Governed-Sovereign (SGS) Private Properties; with uncapped earnings potential for performers”.
It’s not capitalism, communism, fascism or socialism; it just BETTER in every way because of YOU.
Come Join our Exclusive Yet Inclusive Club (Association) today.

Our MISSION is threefold:
1) Introducing “EQUITISM” to End Inadequacies for all our members both 1% and 99% Perpetually Sustainable; by
2) Connecting “PEOPLE” proactively helping you grow your Brand & Fans O2O on Luxury Private Properties; while
3) Delivering “SOLUTIONS” that Protect Sovereignty; Birthrights; Your Self-Identified Choice in Energy To Guide You (+/-).
a) Technology Solutions, to ensure cost effective World Class Education & Training O2O for all people 1% & 99% on our #1 P3aaS;
b) Energy Solutions, with Natural Organic Foods & Medicines to ensure Peak Health & Wellness without side effects, by Members;
c) Blockchain, Wallet, Coins, Tokens & Exchange to ensure your Life & Lifestyle is always increasing on our SGS Private Properties;

Our PURPOSE is one:
“End Inadequacies” no matter what is stressing or worrying you; we’re confident you’ll find the support you looking for here.

Our AIM is to:
”End Poverty” providing 10,000 (B=) Coins to PT Premium Members, Annual (ALR) or 1,000,000 (B=) to FT Premium, Decade (DLR)


”Donate & Join” to Cooperate with and help us achieve our MISSION, PURPOSE and AIM as an Authorized Licensed Reseller. Get paid for recruiting others. As an Annual Licensed Reseller (ALR) e.g. Part Timer; you’ll be generously rewarded with 10,000 Blessings (B=) Coins to spend on our private properties or on our P3aaS offerings in your digital wallet that comes with your premium membership; plus 10%-25% depending upon your Membership tier. Or choose to be a Decade Licensed Reseller (DLR); receiving one million Blessing (B=) Coins in your digital wallet; plus 10%-25% depending upon your Membership tier; for recruiting others with uncapped earnings potential.

”Together, nothing is impossible”

Some of Our Partners are listed below (others found in People, Places, Things).
- We’re Waiting For You -


When you JOIN to become a Free or Premium ALR/DLR we call that your PART I Donation/Investment to help us help you and disadvantaged kids (see Donation Tab for Premium Options).

75% of your PART I Donation goes to helping as many of the 385 Million disadvantaged kids as are willing to Experience, Learn, Thrive on our GOEP Self-Governed-Sovereign Private Properties receiving: loving family homes, world class educations, health & wellness care with amazing opportunities to help us help them while with AIM to end poverty too.

10-25% of your PART I Donation goes to the one inviting you as their independent way to help fund their own businesses; by educating you in the EQUITISM ways we’re cooperating to End Inadequacies. We call them our Co-Founders in each Country. These commission cover their overhead expenses to help us grow cooperating together.

100% of your PART II Donation/Investments (EQUITY, DEBT, DIGITAL INFRUSTRUCTURE BONDS or NFT Tokenization) is used to Acquire, Develop and Maintain these luxury properties up for sale. You get a say in what properties are acquired too.

After developing these properties to meet our BFR GOEP needs we’ll issue dividends 5X over 10 years to say thanks. Proactively helping you grow your giving pools intelligently.


Let us know who you are. One of our authorized representatives will gladly contact you to answer any questions you may have by email or phone call if you reply to our email with your phone number. Alternatively, just donate and join us today to get started ending inadequacies, increasing your life & lifestyle as you do.




· It’s not Capitalism,

· It’s not Socialism,

· It’s not Communism or any other man-made form of governance like Fascism; perfectly imperfect all are we.

· It’s not Separating, Dividing, Taxing in never ending countless ways; creating more inefficiencies; promoted as efficiencies; doing some good; but missing the mark, perpetual sustainability 4 ALL;

· It’s not Money-1st, People-2nd thinking; or using fear, shame & force to control others by design;

· It’s not Creating gaps between the 1% and 99%; inadequacies growing upon us ALL resulting;

· It’s not Birthrights slowly being taken, to think, say and do as you will; but as others will;

· It’s not “The Governing” less & less unaccountable (if people are willing to let them) while willingly creating more CHAOS & CONFUSION in the wake of all they do (winners and losers);

· It’s not promoting common sense to depart; ending its dwelling within your intelligence; like

· A human being with blind allegiance, one imperfect unto another; following without question.


· An opportunity to self-identify; which of two organic Love Energies you willingly embrace;

· One empowering self-governance to be FREE forevermore; the opposite empowering another to control;

· The first Love Energy you can be found creating is Conditional Love a.k.a. Pure Negative Energy;

· The second Love Energy you can be creating is Unconditional Love a.k.a. Pure Positive Energy;

· The first shall be last; and the last shall be first; hitting the mark; a most perfect Balance for ALL;

· Proactively Bridging the gaps between the 1% and 99%, to End Inadequacies for ALL existing too.

· Birthrights protected to think, say and do as you will, fully accountable for the same; by

· Setting the Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) “Standard”; inviting to join our Exclusive yet Inclusive Perpetually Sustainable Solutions (PSS), Self-Governance growing at the speed of you;

· On our People-1st, Partnerships-Follow, Platform as a Service, (P3aaS); alternative to SaaS; with

· $1 Million EQTY 2021-2030 Tokens appearing in your Digital Wallet, the day you start as a DLR.

Contact us if you’d like one of our authorized representatives to contact you and answer any questions you may have; by email or phone call; you if you give us your phone number as well.

Email us at

How Are We Feeding Our Members & The World?

On each of our Self-Governed-Sovereign properties being acquired and given back to the Tribes (Peoples) that were found originally upon these lands under PERPETUAL TRUSTS; our Members can come visit, live, work and play whenever they desire. Some of our Members like Daniel Wanger, CEO of NaturePonics and BOO Gardens builds his amazing Temperature Controlled Greenhouses within which he and his team cultivate, nurture, and harvests the highest quality organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to are acquired to feed our kids, staff and guests; with excess packaged and sold farm to table to locals. Watch the Video below.

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Help Us Help You Today.

We invite you to donate, join and connect with us. We’ll proactively help you grow your Brand and Fans here too. All on our Etsy of Learning Management Solutions, ESG with PSS on P3aaS, our alternative to SaaS.

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