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Join, Experience, Learn, Thrive white labeling a Learning Management System that proactively helps us help you grow your Brand & Fans without a need for SaaS.

On our People-1st, Partnerships-Follow, Perpetual-Rewards as a Service (P3aaS). You own your Channel and Content 100%.
We Protect Your Birthright to think, say and do as you will; fully accountable for the same to GOD; who is Guiding Our Divinity.
Perfectly imperfect all are we.
Let’s stop passing judgment, criticizing or finding fault one with another. Let’s start cooperating.

Be Financially Worry Free!

Join our exclusive yet inclusive club donating a one time fee $100 or more, according to your earnings, showing your decade pre-paid support of our game changing model. RECEIVE 1,000,000 Blessings (B=) Tokens in in your Digital Wallet to cover all your live, work & play expenses on Garden of Eden Project (GOEP) private properties we’re acquiring.

Buy EQUITISM Coins on our Blockchain (E=) Equal Base Pay for All Work, with uncapped earnings potential based on your personal performance. CHOOSE TO BE TRULY FREE!

How to End Inadequacies?

With the current trajectory of human population growth it may seem to some we are headed for a catastrophe of Biblical proportions; but this time it won’t be a flood by Rain. A few of the 1% at the top think their plans to “depopulate” e.g. end life for half of us, is the most sensible thing to do.

GOEP has a plan too. Our plan is positive, proffering all can Experience, Learn, THRIVE in good and times opposite! Our plan needs you to proactively participate. Contribute your game changing self & willing resources, big or small, all helps.

Our Planet Is Big Enough.

Since the beginning of time, by grand design, this planet was made big enough so all of us could Experience, Learn, Thrive.

The innovations, inspirations in place and coming proffer all can Live, Work, Play without inadequacies being experienced.

All can enjoy a beautiful home, with sufficient organic foods, clothing, educations and opportunities; if we just make one slight shift in our thinking. From Negative to Positive energy creating; a.k.a. Conditional Loving to Unconditional Loving.

The 1% & 99% We Love.

We celebrate, admire, respect and even appreciate all living (past, present and future) that have achieved financial independence. The “status” of being a Millionaire or Billionaire. These have created Gardens of Eden with their wealth owning one, two, three, four, even more private lands.

However, there is not one good reason the 99% can’t be financially independent too. It has nothing to do with money.

All it takes is one slight shift in thinking; willingly proactively helping, not hurting or preventing each other to achieve.

Does Your Government Serve, Help or Hurt You?

The best possible test: “By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them.”
Are they you know with GOV titles “Positive” or “Negative” Energy Creating in all they think, say and do to serve you?

Whatever worries you have about what is going on in the world; consider ending your inadequacies with what we think is a superior EQUITISM model, “Equal Base Pay for All Work”.

Uncapped earnings potential based on your performance.

Is 11% Compression Sustainable?

It’s no wonder a few of the 1% have chosen to go negative energy creating, with their Thomas Malthus ways of thinking.

As of 2021 the 1%’s $280 Trillion in Wealth has grown to be 50.1% of the total wealth in the world. Is it game over for the 99%?

Meaning, will birthrights and freedoms be lost? Is humanity destined to be enslaved by a very few usurping at the Top?

The Truth & Problem.

A very few of the 1% think they are Lords of the Earth. With their wealth and influence they believe it is their responsibility to curb population growth by means all means necessary. This Thomas Malthus thinking is why they are starting Wars at will. Creating famines, pestilence and scarcity events. Promote birth control and toxic foods that create health issues and impotence. Use media tools like fear, shame, force to control the narrative. Introduce man made biowarfare events like COVID-19 with aim to not only curb population growth but enjoy highly profitable wealth creation while seeking to control and enslave humanity.

GOEP A Better Plan & Life.

Governments, a few of the 1%, through private corporations are busy at work preparing nails for your coffin with their Environment Social Governance plans to control and enslave.

GOEP has an alternative ESG plan that sets you free forever. It’s our Self-Governed-Sovereign EQUITISIM model that simply protects your Birthrights, ensures your FREEDOMS, and right to Experience, Learn, THRIVE living, working, playing on planet Earths Lands, Seas, Air, Water and Trees.

Cooperation? Devastation?

There are only one of two choices to be made; and only you will choose for yourself which type of life you wish to live.

1. Pure Positive Energy Creating a.k.a. Unconditionally Loving.
2. Pure Negative Energy Creating a.k.a. Conditionally Loving.

The important thing to note is at GOEP it isn’t about 1 or 2. All have the same Birthright to choose for themselves which life & lifestyle each want to live. So help us help you to live among your kind in luxury so the Earth is our Garden of Eden.


Our GOEP 1 Trillion Blessing (B=) Sovereign Wealth Fund will meet all DLR live, work, play; Experience, Learn, Thrive needs.

Our matching $1 Trillion GOEP ESG EQUITISM Fund is your Part II Donation or Investment opportunity will ensure we are a) acquiring, b) developing and c) maintaining the 1% lands to increase your life and lifestyle in the perpetually sustainable ways we are doing all around the world. BE TRULY FREE!!

Helping The Earth Heal.

We’re acquiring luxury properties 20 acres up to 300,000.

We’re developing no more than half so Mother Earth is perpetually sustainable too. Bridging gaps between 1% & 99%

Our model enable us to reach the 1% Rule for Investing.
All members, investors, partners, WIN WIN WIN no losers.

Begin With End In Mind.

To end inadequacies at all levels of the social-economic spectrums we must help the least among us.

That’s why our model is Exclusive yet Inclusive so in the end poverty, ignorance and disrespect can be eliminated.

All Humanity Can Engage.

As of Q2 2022 we have members in 20 Countries agreeing this is a better way.

Our AIM is 200 Countries by 2030 with GOEP Private Properties Perpetually Sustaining +2 Billion members.

Will you join too and start sharing our offerings with your friends so PROSPERITY not POVERTY the masses enjoy?

PART 1: Self Identify & Join.

Identify which kind of Energy Creator YOU are at your core.
Become an officially authorized member. Free or Premium.

Premium Donors are Licensed Resellers of CBS SE HQ USA:

Annual (ALR) receiving 10,000 Blessing Tokens a year 833.33 per month; plus part-time benefits accordingly; or

Decade (DLR) receiving 1,000,000 Blessing Tokens a year 8,333.33 per month; plus full-time benefits accordingly.

Part II: Donate-Invest-Own.

To maximize your returns on Donations or Investments contribute to our GOEP ESG EQUITISM Fund or buy EQUITISM Coins with your fiat or crypto currencies.

This is not a solicitation to Donate, Invest-in-securities, or Own Properties. Just an information site sharing opportunity.
All serious inquiries to know more will receive formal details to make fully informed decisions before investing.

Part III: Why Do This?

To End Inadequacies for everyone. If we don’t do this now humanity may soon be pass the tipping point without sufficient faith, hope or charity to stave off the powers that be seeking to usurp Birthrights, Control and Enslave using fear, shame and force.

Should there not be a 1% and 99% class of people?
Should not all people be respected with dignity & honor?
Should not all people have the opportunity to Experience, Learn and Thrive? How to achieve an end to inadequacies?

Equal Base Pay for All Work; with uncapped earnings potential. That’s our EQUITISM model for all engaging with us.

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