You Are Unique, Special, Precious Even Priceless. So Let’s Get You Improving To Be The Best You That You Can Be!.

Meet Dr. Roy Dittmann - OM & Perinatal Specialist.


Dr. Roy Dittmann is based in Newport Beach CA. A World Renown OM & Perinatal Specialist has helped over 187 Athletes win GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE medals in both Winter and Summer Olympic Games. He’s also been the Doctor of choice for famous musicians, movie stars and wealthy families; from Royals to Titans of Industry. Now as an Independent Co-Founder along with many others joining the Garden of Eden Project too; we’re willingly cooperating together to help you become the best you, you want to be, increasing your life & lifestyle .

As Founder of Internal Fitness Labs and author of Brighton Baby, Dr. Roy Dittmann is making himself and all his offerings available to you, our members of Garden of Eden Project visiting, living, working and playing on our Sovereign Private Properties popping up all around the world.

Meet Dr. Erna Wong M.D.

Dr. Wong is based in Irvine CA. She has +30 years experience as a Stellar Pediatrician and Assistant Chief of Staff bringing 10’s of 1,000’s of healthy babies into the world while at Kaiser Permanente - Irvine CA. Now as an Independent Co-Founder along with many others joining the Garden of Eden Project too; we’re willingly cooperating together to help you become the best you, you want to be, increasing your life & lifestyle .

As Founder of H.E.A.L.S. and Cellabrate Living Waters she is making herself and offerings available to you , our members of Garden of Eden Project visiting, living, learning, working, playing on our Sovereign Private Properties popping up all around the world. Her all natural solutions, like miracles, prevent, heal, and have even cured illnesses that traditional medicines didn’t.

Meet Dr. Ben Zvenia PH JD

Dr. Zvenia is based in Las Vegas as our Garden of Eden Project General Counsel. Ensuring all our land and luxury property acquisitions become Sovereign Private Tribal Lands in TRUSTS so all our members can freely and safely access so you can enjoy your Sovereignty too (Birthright and Choices Protected); Your Profile, Channel and Content 100% owned by you too on our P3aaS offerings; so be the best you that you can be here.

As CEO of Zvenia & Associates with Principals and Associates members of the Federal Circuit Bar Association, FBA, Bar Association of DC, NBA, NNABA, NIBA, OIBA, Bar of Association of DC and are admitted in CFR Courts & Tribunals + Tribal Court Systems, in addition Dr. Zvenia is an OM Specialist for over 30 years.

Meet Nadya

Indra Firdi Anindya “Nadya” is based in Sidoarjo East Java Indonesia. She has over 30 years caring for disadvantaged children and in fact is the inspiration start of

She lost her Dad at age 1. Her Mom passed at age 3. She was raised by her Grandparents until age 6, the same year both her Grandparents passed. She was separated from her sister and both went to different orphanages. Her job in the orphanage was to take care of the other kids in the orphanage. School a.k.a. formal education were over. At age 21 she was told her she was on here own. When asked what she will do to survive without a degree; they said “a) go get a job as a Nanny and/or b) get married.” She did both only to discover to meet her family needs she needed to leave Indonesia and go to work for other families while leaving her own Son for another Nanny to take care of her Son. The stories she told while working as child Nanny to our family were heartbreaking. We decided, it was time to make some changes in how things work “IN THE SYSTEM”. This time as Self-Governed-Sovereigns powered by, CBS Sports Entertainment and You our amazing members making all the difference.

Meet DJ Shirley Organic Foods & Energy Specialist

DJ is our Florida Co-Founder of Garden of Eden Project and is actively identifying luxury properties that meet our GOEP criteria to acquire, develop and maintain for our members.

As CEO of Pure Energy Connections DJ can offer coaching on growing tons of mirco-greens and other organic foods that will keep you and your family experience, learn, thrive opportunities alive and well no matter what the local, national or global crisis is going on all around you. Her indepth knowledge of AO Scan technologies with ability to diagnose and reverse illnesses progression with frequencies is absolutely amazing. We’re so glad you’ve join GOEP DJ. Keep up the good work in all you are doing.


We are all in this life together experiencing the Ebbs and Flows in so many ways; family, socially, emotionally, educationally, financially, and professionally. All because of one thing. The choices we individually make at any given point in time matter. The choice to be conditionally or unconditionally loving towards others determines your core energy field attracting and growing around you more of the same Positive or Negative energy.

Conditionally Loving a.k.a. being Pure Negative Energy Creating; scarcity minded thinking, apply tools like Fear, Shame and Force to motivate, inspire and innovate in all you think, say and do giving Glory to a “god” (guiding our divinity) with AIM to usrup a throne, ENSLAVE and CONTROL all the Father hath made.

Unconditionally Loving: a.k.a. being Pure Positive Energy Creating; abundance minded thinking, apply tools like Faith, Hope and Charity to motivate, inspire and innovate in all you think, say and do giving Glory to a “GOD” (Guiding Our Divinity) with AIM to protect your destiny. FREE to INHERIT all the Father hath made.

I invite you to be an independent co-founder too. Our MISSION, PURPOSE and AIMs will be achieved as you willingly take part. No matter Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Islamist, Jewish, Hindu, LGBT or otherwise. You’re warmly welcome to visit, live, work, experience, learn, thrive here.

Join today and self-identify which loving energy you will choose to create going forward here. Why? Without you (both Energies existing in their individual spheres of influence) and cooperating accordingly; nothing would or could exist at all. Not Light nor Darkness. If you agree, come and join with us donating what you can afford.

Thank you for being You.

Our New Social Experience, willingly creating “Equitism” is going to be achieved.

Not because we want or will it; but because you want and will it first. Simply by never giving up doing all the things you think, say and do here are little global family of member connections is over 250,000 now in 20 Countries and we haven’t even officially launched yet. Cooperating will help to bring about much needed changes. Mighty Changes! In Preparation we all may experience a millennial reign (1,000 years of peace, w/o wars, or rumors of wars) between us. Ending Inadequacies, ESG, PSS on P3aaS for all engaged with us.


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Our Properties Proffer Complete Health & Wellness.

You’ll never have to worry if Big Pharma is trying to kill you and or just make your health problems increase with all their warnings. Garden of Eden Project is as organic as organic can be. Mother Nature willingly provides all we need to live healthy lives of longevity. Ask Dr. Erna Wong our Board Member and Head of Health and Wellness Centers.
What will you contribute to make “Equitism“ possible in our Garden of Eden Project?

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