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Includes our Partnership with CBS Sports Entertainment, which is tasked with growing our Free and Premium Member Global Community in such an innovative way that you not only get financially rewarded for: 1) Growing your Brand and Fans here on our P3aaS; but 2) Increasing your Profits here because our P3aaS alternative to SaaS takes no part of your Sales; and 3) Protects your Birthrights to think, say and do as you will; while 4) Owning your Profile and Contents here; fully accountable for the same.

Hi I’m Don Horton.

I am an International decade licensed reseller making 25% ($492,075) with every 1%, and 25% for every 99%, I invite who joins as a premium member too. Do you want to make extra money telling your friends about GOEP too?

I invite you to join me and leave your own legacy of love behind. Helping Garden of Eden Project Orphans receive loving family homes, world class educations and opportunities that are ESG with PSS on P3aaS thriving we all can do.

Plus, you make more money promoting and selling your Brands offerings because P3aaS , unlike SaaS offerings, takes no percentage of your sales as a premium member, and far less than SaaS offerings take as a FREE member.

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Help Us Help You Grow Your Brand and Fans here while making the world a better place by bridging the gaps between the 1% and 99% in ESG with PSS in our P3aaS ways.


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Dr. Erna Wong M.D. was a Pediatrician for Kaiser Permanente Healthcare in Irvine California for 30 years. Today she is a member of our GOEP Board of Directors; will manage all our Global Health and Wellness Centers on GOEP Properties with a 360 degree view preferring “Organic over Big Pharma” and “Touch over Shots” to achieve desired objectives for all.

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