Help us Find Properties the 1% have up for Sale & Get Paid to Live in Luxury for the Rest of Your Life.

What is our GOEP ESG fund doing?

Our GOEP exclusively yet inclusively through CBS Sports Entertainment Authorized Licensed Resellers (ALR’s and DLRs), are looking for properties up for sale by the 1% in their free time (20 acres and above). When ALR’s or DLR’s find the place they want to visit, live and/or work, they post the property listing link in an email to: from their own email address they received after donating to become a Premium Member here. Our GOEP ESG Funds team begins the due diligence and negotiation process. If the GOEP ESG Fund team acquires the property you found, you gets first dibs on available paid positions to help our Orphans experience Loving Family Homes, World Class Educations and Opportunities as they Graduate. Parent Couples get paid $76,000 per year to be parents of 12 kids. Of course they aren’t raising these kids alone, as every household with 12 kids has one single parent too, receiving $38,000 per year in their equal authority co-parenting role. Property Managers, Teachers, Mentors, Coaches, Healthcare workers and other staff; all get paid to live in luxury on the Mixed Used Property Micro Economic Development Portions of our Properties being converted. While both the 1% who sold us their properties and the 99% who help us too; can book stays to visit any one of our Main Houses on all properties being acquired using our GOEP AirBnB scheduling system found within our P3aaS.

Country by Country...

State by State, City by City, District by District, Town by Town, and Village by Village too. Our invite is to all people living in the world, no matter your race, religion, social, education, or financial station. We warmly invite you to join our New Social Experience creating “Equitism” along the way. What is Equitism? It’s simply a way of living that puts our love for People 1st, so partnerships can follow to achieve our ESG standard, with PSS on our P3aaS, so all are THRIVING, ending inadequacies for all engaged with us. Not a love for Money-1st, with people second thinking, so the majority are just barely surviving & Inadequacies thriving.

In The Pipeline To Be Acquired.

Properties our ALR & DLR authorized resellers have found and placed into the pipeline to be acquired to date are located in the USA, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China and many Countries in Africa. $500 Billion dollars since our start, now in our lap, out of the $158.3 Trillion dollars in assets the 1% own. It’s a good start.
We need your help to close on as many as meet our criteria. Let’s do it together.

640+ Acres.

This Estate is on our Radar to become our GOEP Start in USA.
Do you want to visit, live, work, experience, learn, thrive here?

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Inviting all Realtors To Join our Offerings too.

You may think your real estate firm has the perfect technology to promote your listings, but don’t forget to link your properties on our People-1st, Partnerships-Follow, Platform as a Service too. Consider us another channel, to help you grow your Brand and Fans. Not just show your luxury properties and homes for sale but train and/or educate others in ways you simply can not do without us to do all you know how to do & your relationships too. Rewarded for the same. We help Investors receive 5X ROI over 10 years.

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